Evensong Jewelry ~ elegant, handcrafted, original jewelry designs.


David A. Nugent, Artist

David has been creating contemporary jewelry since the mid 1970s. Originally a psychology student at Southern Connecticut State College, David wandered by chance into the art department - and never left!

The pleasure of turning solid metal into soft, smooth shapes has evolved into the present collection of Evensong jewelry.

David's designs are realized in karat gold (14K and 18K in colors of yellow, white and rose) and Sterling silver, with precious and semiprecious stones often included. A great deal of pride goes into each piece, and the finished work shows just that.

Someone who likes the process of making jewelry, David does all of his own work - from the creation of original pieces right through all the casting, fabrication and finishing phases.

His skill has been honed through numerous technical workshops as well as a lot of hard work and experimentation. The technical applications include forging, which involves hammering metal over iron mandrels; fabrication, in which separate parts are forged, sawed, and assembled by soldering or mechanical means; and "lost-wax" casting.

The art of casting starts with the sculpting of a new design in wax. Using a centrifugal machine, a metal piece is then produced. Limited or multiple duplications of each design are subsequently possible and are done entirely in studio by this artist. Finally, each piece of jewelry will be completed by extensive polishing. Some designs will have stones set as a finishing touch.

David's jewelry studio is located in southern New Hampshire near the Connecticut River. This country backdrop, with all its quiet beauty, is ideal for reflection and the evocation of art. The constantly changing Evensong Collection may be seen at fine art and craft shows across the USA.

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